Protecting Your Privacy

Protecting your privacy is very important! This site was put together to enforce the simple idea that we support confidentiality. After incidents occuring throughout the pixel community regarding the misuse of passwords and similar information by website owners, I thought setting up a page about personal information would be a great way for membership sites to show that they believe in keeping your information safe.

All of the graphics sites listed on this site support the protection of your private information. Sites wishing to be listed here, please grab a button for your site and then contact me.

Please note that this page is intended for the graphics community. The list of supporters is intended to act as a "safe" directory of graphics sites that believe in protection of privacy. If you are not a graphics site, please feel free to take a button; but the list of supporters is reserved for graphics websites who maintain private information of their visitors through member areas, shops, etc. I don't like having to be exclusive about it, but the amount of random websites wanting to be a supporter just because they think the button is cute is deterring from the message of this site.